Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist
Planning a perfect wedding requires perfect organization. Check our detailed 12 months wedding planning checklist which could help you to have the wedding you always dreamed of having. It provides you with all the details that you need to know to plan for your wedding. The checklist tracks down the list of tasks that are required to be done in the various stages before the wedding.

12 Months Before the Wedding

Meet your Church priest and reserve the date in your Church.
Decide on the Wedding Venue and try to reserve the venue as soon as you can.
Once you have reserved your venue book the Caterer who will manage the catering for your wedding. A good caterer is a must for a successful reception party.
Next hire a good Band who will play at your wedding. Make inquires about the band before booking any band. Try checking on YouTube if the the band has uploaded any videos on them. This will help you know how good the band is.
Hire a good M.C who will play the host for the evening.

11 Months Before the Wedding

Find a good wedding decorator and book him.
Find a good wedding photographer. Besides the main wedding photographer always try to hire another second photographer. This is recommended because a single photographer will never be at important places all the time. At a wedding there are so many things happening and its difficult for a single person to capture everything.
Find a good wedding videographer. One videographer is sufficient for the wedding. For the reception if you would like ariel shots of the first dance you can hire a videographer who offers you the camera crane. They normally charge you extra for the camera crane package. And always insist on the wedding video being shot in HD video as these videos are definitely of good clarity.

9 To 10 Months Before the Wedding

Hire a good wedding car. Try to get the same model car for both the bride and the groom as this brings about a good uniformity in the camera shots.
Hire a good designer to stitch the wedding gown. Spend sufficient time with the designer to finalize the design. The bride should look the best on the wedding day so invest a good amount of time in choosing the right gown design to suit the brides body type. Besides the gown the bride will require the following accessories: Hand gloves, Headgear, Kerchief, Purse, Rosary, Tiara and Veil.
Hire a good designer to stitch the flower girl and bridesmaid dresses.

6 To 8 Months Before the Wedding

Hire a good designer to stitch the grooms suit. You can also opt for a ready made suit from some good brands. Besides the suit the groom will require the following accessories: Gloves, Kerchief, Suit pocket kerchief.
Find a good designer to stitch the best men and the page boy suits.
Start planning for the wedding theme.
Start working on the liturgy for the wedding.
Start planning for the nuptials choir hymns.
Prepare the guest list for the wedding. 
Find a good card design and give your wedding cards for printing.

5 Months Before the Wedding

Order your wedding cake.
Order your wedding return gifts if you plan to give it to your guests.
Book a florist who will handle the flower arrangements on the wedding day.
Place the order for the bridal bouquet.
Order the family flowers for both the bride and the groom's families.
Order the groom and the best men family flowers.
Start planning out the songs which the band will sing for the reception.

4 Months Before the Wedding

Purchase the brides and the grooms footwear for the wedding.
Purchase the brides maids and the best men's footwear.
Make transport arrangement for the family members. Hire the necessary vehicles.
Start sending the wedding invite to the guests.
Book a good hair stylist and beautician to do the makeup of the bride and the brides maids.

3 Months Before the Wedding

Complete the civil registration formalities.
Meet your wedding decorator and start discussing with him the wedding theme and ideas for your wedding.
Meet the wedding band and give them the list of songs you want them to play for your wedding.
Meeting the wedding priest and hand over the liturgy to him.
Meeting the wedding choir and give them the liturgy along with the hymns that you want for the wedding.
Start rehearsing your wedding vows.

2 Months Before the Wedding

Join a good dance class and start brushing up your dancing skills.
Purchase some decorations for the house that you can put up during the wedding day.
Start going for dress trials and finalize the final fittings for your clothes.
Confirm the date with all the vendors who will be part of your wedding. These include the caterers, band, MC, photographers, videographer and decorator.
Call your wedding reception venue and confirm the date.
Meet your church authorities and confirm the date.
Meet your hair stylist and make up beautician and get a couple of trials done.

1 Month Before the Wedding

Collect the acknowledgement slips from the marriage registration office.
Giving the final head count of the guests to the caterer along with the final menu for the reception.
Meeting the MC and discuss with him the final plan for the wedding reception.
Meet the photographer and videographer and confirm with him the shots that you would want them to take.
Meeting the decorator and finalize the arrangements for the day.
Make the wedding advance payments to the various people.
Start practicing your wedding first dance.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

Collect the wedding gown. Make sure the fittings are perfect.
Collect the wedding suit. Make sure the fittings are perfect.
Collect the return gifts for the wedding and hand them over to the decorator so that he can be in charge of giving it to the guests on the wedding day.
Start rehearsing the wedding vows and do a trial of the wedding entry in the church.
Explain to the family members their roles during the wedding ceremonies.
In case any family member is going to be doing the church reading or raise the toast make sure that they have the time to prepare for it.
Meeting the toast master and tell him small stories about your love story so that he can incorporate these in his wedding toast.
Get a hair cut or trim your hair if required.
Go to the saloon and get a good facial done for you and your family members.
Rehearse your wedding first dance.
Get a manicure/pedicure done for you.

1 Week Before the Wedding

Try to be relaxed and have fun so that you do not appear stressed out on your wedding day.
Avoid traveling in the sun to avoid getting a tan.
Have a bachelor party with your family/friends to help you unwind.
Try to get as much sleep as possible. You do not want to have dark circles on your wedding day.

Your Wedding Day

Its your wedding day so enjoy it. Do not think too much about whats going to happen. It will only stress you out.
Once you wake up have a nice and heavy breakfast as this will keep you energized throughout the day.
Try to grab an early lunch. You can opt for a light lunch.
Get your hair and make up done.
Try to sit in the A/C for as long as possible before you leave your home as this will keep you refreshed.
Do not get nervous about anything on that day. Enjoy all the attention that you are getting.
Wear a smile throughout the day as these moments are going to be captured on camera as your memories.

This is a wedding planning checklist written with great love and after going through a similar experience. I hope you find this Wedding checklist useful in your wedding preparations.

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