Ritz Classic Panaji, Restaurant

About Ritz Classic Restaurant, Panaji

Ritz Classic is a famous restaurant in Goa. The restaurant is located in capital city of Goa which is Panaji, Ritz Classic is amongst Goa's best known restaurants for serving Goan fish curry rice. This restaurant offers a good ambiance for a quick meal. It specializes in sea food. If your looking out for a restaurant to experience different varieties and authentic Goan sea food you should try out the Ritz Classic restaurant.

Ritz Classic Panaji, Restaurant

Ambiance at Ritz Classic, Panaji

The restaurant is a fully air conditioned restaurant and offers a nice and pleasant ambiance for a good afternoon meal or for a perfect evening dinner. The interiors are tastefully done and the lighting is just perfect on the eyes. The interiors are spic and span and the dinning tables and chairs very comfortable. The waiters at the restaurant are very prompt and help you decide on our order if requested.

Food and Drinks at Ritz Classic, Panaji

The menu at Ritz Classic Goa,mostly consists of non veg dishes. They have a wide variety of choices in the non veg menu. Their specialties lies in the sea food dishes served here. Some of their sea food specialties are crabs and the sea food platter.The sea food platter consists of an assortment of fishes prepared in different Goan styles.

The restaurant does server hard drinks along with mocktails and cocktails. The fresh lime soda served here is quiet good and refreshing on a hot sunny day. The food and the drinks at the restaurant are reasonably priced. The average cost for a meal of 2 would be around 1000-1500 Rupees.

Address of Ritz Classic, Panaji

Wagle Vision, 18th June Road, 
Panaji, Goa, GA 

Contact Details of Ritz Classic, Panaji

(0832) 222 7335

Picture/Photograph of Ritz Classic, Panaji

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Timings of Ritz Classic, Panaji

The restaurant is open from 12:00–3:30 pm and 6:00–11:30 pm on all days of the week.

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