Water skiing in Goa

About Water Skiing in Goa

Water skiing in Goa
Water skiing is a another popular water sport in Goa. If you would like to feel the waves hitting beneath your feet than you should try out Water skiing. . For those who are unaware as to what is Water skiing I will describe it in brief. In Water skiing a long rope is tied to a speed boat at one end and the other end lies a surf board. Once the speed boat starts the person who stands on the surf board gets pulled along. It is a very tricky water sport to try out. For this water sport you will need to be physically fit and you need to be alert while you are getting pulled by the speed boat.

Best Places to try Water skiing in Goa

Water skiing rides are available at beaches such as Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach, Arossim Beach, Mobor Beach and Utorda Beach. Water skiing can be tried out throughout the year except during the monsoon season.

Safety tips for Water skiing in Goa

-Wear a wet suit
-Always wear a life jacket
-Avoid the rides during the monsoon season.
-Listen to the instructions given by the operator carefully before you start off.
-You will actually require some training and practice before you actually take off.

Cost of Water skiing in Goa

The average price of water skiing in Goa ranges between Rupees 400 to Rupees 1500. These rates depend on the lenght of the ride.

Best Season for Water Skiing in Goa

October to April is the best season to try out water skiing in Goa.

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