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Details On White Water Rafting In Goa - Mhadei River:

River Rafting In Goa:

For the adventure lovers River rafting in Goa has been launched by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). River rafting  in Goa is launched on the Mhadei River, at a small village called Ustem in Valpoi, Sattari. The GTDC is hosting this white water rafting in Goa in association with a company called Southern River Adventures and Water Sports Pvt Ltd. The river rafting trip is sure to provide the adrenaline rush for all those who love adventure sports. The white water rafting at Mhadei river is the newest addition to the existing set of water sports in Goa. Earlier the nearest river rafting spot to Goa was at Dandeli. River rafting in Dandeli has been there for many years and draws a large number of adventure sports enthusiasts.

Route Covered for White Water Rafting In Goa:

The river rafting with start at Ustem village and will end at Sonal village in Satteri. The route taken for the whitewater rafting with cover a distance of around 10 kms and will require around 90 minutes to complete. This route will include 13 rafts. There is also another route present. This route covers a distance of 17 kms, this route is a more advanced route and this route includes a total of 35 rafts. Nature lovers will get a chance to explore the western ghats along the Mhadei river while rafting. This section is also part of the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.

Cost of White Water Rafting In Goa:

The cost per person for a rafting trip is rupees approximately Rupees 1500. The bookings for the trip can be done at the GTDC office.

Contact Details for River Rafting In Goa

+91 7387238866
+91 8805727230

Pictures/Photographs of  White Water Rafting In Goa at Mhadei River:

White Water Rafting in Goa - Mhadei River - GTDC


Best Time to try River Rafting In Goa

The best time to try out the river rafting in Goa is during the monsoon season. The monsoons start in Goa in June and end around September. During the monsoon the water flow in the Mhadei River is perfect for rafting. Also the lush green surroundings along the entire river rafting route just make the whole river rafting trip memorable. 

Precautions to be taken during River Rafting In Goa:

-All are advised to strictly follow the instructions provided by the concerned authorities before the river rafting trip begins.
-Make sure that you have you life jacket on throughout the river rafting trip.
-Since this rafting trip is part of Eco tourism the people coming for this trip are advised not to bring along any non biodegradable items.

Must have while going River Rafting In Goa:

-Wear a sunscreen
-Carry an extra change of clothes.
-Carry medications for allergies/asthma in case you are prone to allergies.
-Don't wear slip ons during your rafting trip
-Don't let your hair loose. Make sure you tie your hair in a bun in case you have long hair.
-Don't carry any precious items.
-Try wearing body hugging clothes on your trip.

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