Chorla Ghats-North Goa-Monsoon Adventures

About Chorla Ghats, Goa

During the monsoon one must take a trip to the Chorla Ghats in North Goa. It indeed is truly a dreamy trip because at the ghats with the fog and the splendid beauty surrounding you, you truly feel you are part of a dream sequence.

How to get to Chorla Ghats, Goa

From Panjim you need to take the NH17 straight to Mapusa. Then turn right at the Karaswada junction towards Tivim and continue straight to Assonora, Bicholim and Sanquelim. At Sanquelim, turn right just after you cross the bridge at the entrance of the town. And then from here take the road to Poriem. Now continue straight on into the misty and beautiful Chorla Ghats.

Best time to visit Choral Ghats, Goa

The best time to visit the Choral Ghats is during the monsoon season from June - September. During this time the climate is chill and the air has a lot of mist. Also you get to see some beautiful waterfalls.

Activities at Chorla Ghats, Goa

At the Chorla Ghats one can spend time at the numerous waterfalls and can admire nature's splendid beauty to its fullest. There are other various sightseeing points at the Ghats. The people visiting the Ghats should take care to preserve the nature and not dump any bio degradable wastes on their visits to the ghats.

Picture / Photograph of Chorla Ghats, Goa

Chorla Ghats-North Goa-Monsoon AdventuresChorla Ghats Goa