Chapel Of Our Lady of the Mount - Old Goa

About Chapel Of Our Lady of the Mount, Old Goa
This chapel was build after the victory portuguese nobleman Alfonso de Albuquerque over Adil Shah. Alfonso de Albuquerque first launched his attack to take possession on Goa in March 1510. But this attempt was not successful. He launched his second attack attack on Goa on November 25, 1510. He was successfully in taking possession of Goa from Adil Shah in this attempt. The chapel on our lady of the Mount was build many years after the conquest of Goa to mark the places where Adil Shah's artillery had taken position. This chapal is situated on a hill. This chapel was restored to his past glory in 2001. The chapel is brightly white washed. To reach this chapel one would have to travel for around 1.5 kms on the small mud road from the Old Goa circle. This this chapel one gets a breathtaking view. You can see the entire view of Old Goa. You also get a view of Divar and Chorao islands and the Mandovi River. Below are some pictures of the beautiful chapel.