Holy Spirit Church, Margao, Goa

About Holy Spirit Church, Margao, Goa

Margao is the capital and buzzing commercial center of South Goa and the Holy spirit Church stands tall in the old Market square. It was originally built by the Jesuit missionaries in 1564 but was destroyed in 1571 by the Muslim army soldiers. It was then re built in 1645. It took 30 years to complete the church building that we have today. Inside the church there is a rectangular square in front and a row of antique houses on both sides. This church is the finest examples of the Indian Baroque style. The main altar of this Church is dedicated to the Holy Spirit. The church can be entered from the side entrance to the north. In the church the huge cross dates from the late 17th century which is a great attraction. The feast is celebrated on the 10th of June.