Kitesurfing In Goa

About Kitesurfing In Goa

Kitesurfing In Goa
Kitesurfing In Goa is a new water sport in Goa which is rapidly gaining popularity in Goa. In Kitesurfing a person straps himself onto a surf boat below his legs and has a harness of a large kite strapped onto his back. The person has to use the waves and the winds to balance of his surfboard. Eighty per cent of the sport is kite flying and not board skills. For Kitesurfing In Goa you require around 14 knots of wind.

Where do you find Kitesurfing In Goa

Kitesurfing operators can be found on Morjim Beach.

Safety Tips for Kitesurfing In Goa

A student would require a 12- to 16-hour practical course and two hours of theory to be up on his board and free ride the waves. But before anything else, a beginner is taught to be safe, to calculate his imprint radius on the shore and in the water based on the length of his lines, to avoid injuring others on the beach.

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