Chorao Mancurad Mango

About Chorao Mancurad Mango

Chorao Mancurad Mango
Chorao Mancurad Mango derives its name from the Portuguese word 'Malcorado' meaning not evenly coloured. True to its name, the mango is unevenly colored in shades of yellow and orange. Chorao Mancurad which is considered the King of Goan Mangoes are grown on the foothills of the island which provide almost  ideal conditions for growing mangoes of high quality.

What's special about Chorao Mancurad Mango?

Chorao, a picturesque riverine island at the mouth of the Mandovi, was once the refuge of Portuguese Fidalgos(noblemen). For centuries the unique, protected ecosystem on this island has provided an ideal environment for Mancurad mangoes to grow and flourish. These heirloom varieties have been maintained with the use of natural(non-industrial) cultivation techniques and are still grown in mixed orchards where many trees are several decades old.

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