INOX Multiplex – Panjim Goa

INOX Multiplex – Panjim Goa: INOX is a very well know franchisee in India. INOX is situated near the old GMC Heritage building in the Capital city, Panjim. This building is known as Maquinez Palace. INOX was instituted  in 2004 during the first International Film festival which is held in Goa. The lush multiplex cinema has very comfortable sitting arrangement and air-conditioned four screens showcasing Hollywood, Bollywood as well as regional movies.

One can even book the tickets online to choose the seat of your choice in advance. The food is slightly expensive, but they maintain high levels of hygiene and taste. Don't miss the caramel and cheese pop corns which are the favorites among movie goers. The latest addition to the INOX multiplex is the 3-D experience. INOX has started

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