Car Drag Racing, Verna Goa

About Car Drag Racing, Goa

Drag racing is a competition in which automobiles or motorcycles compete, usually two at a time, to be the first to cross a set finish line. In Goa such drag races are held at Verna industrial estate. These drag races are normally held annually. The date of races is normally advertised in the Goan newpapers. If you are a fan of racing than this is something you need to witness to get your adrenaline rush. There are many exciting prizes given away to the winners in each category.

Categories for Participation in the Car Drag Race in Goa

Category List:
800cc to 1000cc
1001cc to 1300cc
1301cc to 1600cc
Ladies class
Petrol Open class
Diesel class upto 1600cc
Diesel Open class above 1601cc
SUV open class
Foreign bikes
Foreign open class

Location of the Car Drag Race in Goa

The venue for the drag race is, Verna industrial estate, opp Andrew telecommunication Verna-Goa. It is at the extreme end of Verna Industrial Estate. You need to proceed on the straight road from Titan entrance in Verna and go to the other end of the Verna industrial estate.

Entry Fee For Car Drag Racing, Verna Goa

The entry fee for each category is Rs.1000. Only the participant need to pay an entry fee. There is no entry fee for the audience. Anyone can go and watch the race.

Picture / Photograph of Car Drag Racing, Verna Goa

Car Drag Racing, Verna Goa

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