NoMoZo - 18th June Road Panjim - Aamchi Panaji

About  NoMoZo, Panjim
NoMoZo (Non Motorized Zone) is a unique citizen's initiative which makes a designated length of road free from motorized vehicles. In this zone people can freely walk, cycle, jog, skate, exercise, play and meet friends and other fellow citizens. The NoMoZo was a concept created by a group of citizens called the Aamchi Panaji. They worked with the corporation of the city of Panaji to bring this idea to a reality. To experience this vehicle free street one needs to just walk down to the 18th June road. By freeing the
streets of vehicles, NoMoZo allows citizens to move freely, walk or cycle thereby improving health and it also contributes to lowering pollution caused by emissions from motorized vehicles. Below are some picture taken at the NoMoZo.