Chorao Island Goa (Bird Sanctuary)

Chorao: For Bird lovers Chorao is a place which is not to be missed. Over here lies the Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary. The island of Chorao lies along the river Mandovi and it is very near to Panaji. To reach the island of Chorao one would have to go to Ribandar which is around 2-3 kms from Panaji and then take a ferry from the Ribandar jetty to reach Chorao. The bird Sanctuary lies at the edge of the island. This bird sanctaury is approximately 1.75 square meters in area and is covered in a thick layer of mangrove forest. One of the main attractions here are the migratory birds.Below are some of the pictures taken at Chorao.


This image is of the entrance of Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Near to the entrance lies the Reception and office from where one can procure information and details about the sanctuary entry and timings.

Below are more images of the mangrove forest. If viewed carefully you will notice a bird watch house right in the middle of the mangrove forest.


Below is the image of the beautiful Chorao church.