Alua Restaurant and Bar, Verna Goa

About Alua Restaurant & Bar, Verna Goa

Alua restaurant is located in Verna, Goa. This restaurant earlier was located on the NH 17 but has now relocated. The restaurant is located in a big goan styled house. The interiors are spacious and airy. The food is good. Its a good place to order non-veg food. The rates are reasonable and the service is prompt.

Its a good place to dine with your family. It also offers place to host parties as it has a small stage area.

Photograph / Picture of Alua Restaurant & Bar, Verna Goa

Food at  Alua Restaurant & Bar, Verna Goa

The restaurant offers both Veg and Non Veg dishes. They menu is not limited. They server a variety of dishes. They specialize in Goan dishes. So if you go to this restaurant you should not miss out on trying some of their Goan specialties.The portions server per dish is generous and can be shared between 2.

Rate / Cost at Alua Restuarant & Bar, Verna Goa

The cost per veg dish is between 100-200 Rupees. The cost per non veg dish is between 150-250 Rupees. The sea food rates vary on the season but they are generally in the range of 300-500 Rupees. A non veg meal for 2 would approximately cost 600-800 Rupees.

Driving Directions to Alua Restaurant & Bar, Verna Goa

To get to the current location one has to come to the Verna church and from there if you are traveling from north Goa to south Goa direction you need to take a left. There would be a sign board on the side of the road which indicates the direction. The restaurant is just at a 1 minute drive from this turn.

Contact Number of Alua Restaurant & Bar, Verna Goa

Landline number: 08322782760

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